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Alex & Valantoula

Never Ending happiness of Alex and Valantoula’s wedding day
Agios Georgios of Nea Alikarnassos
Kos Island
On the enchanting wedding day of Alex and Valantoula, love filled the air, blending with
the aura of beauty and youth. Their smiles, radiant as the sun, illuminated the joy that
blossomed in the hearts of all who witnessed their union at the historic Church of Agios
Georgios of Nea Alikarnassos on Kos Island Step into a world , where Alex and Valantoula’s
love shines brightly on their wedding day. The night unfolds with friends dancing, toasting,
and celebrating the happy couple under the stars. Join us for an unforgettable evening full
of joy and memories that will last a lifetime through the pictures of Chris Tellis.


Marinos & Nanette

Aegean’s Butterfly folds its wings around Marinos and Nanette’s Wedding
Astypalea Island
Astypalea Island sets the scene for Marinos and Nanette’s magical union. From Switzerland
to Greece, serenaded by traditional instruments, the couple walks through picturesque
alleys to a small church in the castle, where their fairytale begins. A paradise where the
Aegean’s butterfly dances. Picture-perfect windmills hum in the sea breeze, and stonepaved alleys lead to whitewashed houses. Traditional melodies fill the air, the union of two
souls amidst the island’s luxurious beauty begins. A dreamy wedding like no other, a
symphony of tradition, elegance and romance. Immerse yourself in the daily life of the
residents, captured beautifully by Chris Tellis’ lens.


Michalis and Dimitra

Michalis and Dimitra idyllic sunset
Kos Island
As the Grecian sun sets over the glittering sea, casting a golden hue on the sandy beach,
beauty unfolds in every wave. Step into a romantic fairytale with Michalis and Dimitra’s
breathtaking wedding photos captured on the idyllic Greek island of Kos. This is where
unforgettable memories are made, where elegance and romance dance beneath the starlit
sky. Their wedding photos are a true work of art by Chris Tellis. Embrace the love and the
allure of a destination wedding in paradise.