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Caste in Kos island | Wedding Photographer Kos - Chris Tellis

If you are planning to get the perfect wedding photos in Kos, Chris Tellis as a professional wedding photographer recommends.
A castle on the island is a great option for gorgeous wedding photographs. Popular attractions include Antimachia Castle, which is also home to the Antimachia Windmill. Furthermore, the Nerantzia Castle, the crown jewel of Kos Harbor.

In addition, the Hippocrates Tree Park, which is home to Europe’s oldest plane tree, is a beautiful setting for Kos Island wedding photos. Also is conveniently located close to the castle.


Wedding photos Kos hippocrates tree

Kos hippocrates tree

The Roman Odeon, Casa Romana, the Asklepion and the Ancient House Hippocrates Garden are great locations too.  Equally important are the Ancient Agora of Kos in the Ancient Town of Kos.
Also ideal for wedding photographs are Kos beaches. With beautiful landscaping and stunning sunsets, Zia’s Kos Natural Park is a delightful surprise.

Further, Tigaki give great places in Kos Island for wedding photos. First of all  Alikes, which draws flamingos in late May and early June.Second, near the lake, a horseback riding tour provider also provides excursions for couples and beach photography.
Kos island is a great choice for honeymooners because it is full with romantic locations for lovers. Find out where to take wedding photos in Kos Island by contacting Chris Tellis.

The largest church of Kos, the Church of Agia Paraskevi, as well as churches and chapels in Pyli are also perfrect for weddings. Furthrmore, mountain chapels like the one in Kefalos provide picturesque island and sea views in Kos. The remains of Paleo Pyli, a Byzantine stronghold, mix with the scenery to create unexpected backdrops for perfect wedding photographs.

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